Release #2

The code for release #2 has been tagged in the BitBucket repository. You can download the software distribution and check it out for yourself.

Features Complete:

  • Create database models and diagrams in JavaScript using a domain specific language built using the Fluent Interface Pattern.
  • Interact with models and diagrams through a command-line REPL.
  • The tool will generate a DDL script for database creation for a particular database platform (SQLite3 implemented).
  • The tool will create an initial database diagram based on a database model and can save the diagram to a JavaScript file.
  • Models and diagrams can be split up among multiple JavaScript files.



Actual Hours Worked by Day

I spent just over 60 hours working on the code for this project over the past semester. This equates to about 1.5 work-weeks of effort had I been doing this as a full-time job rather than a “spare-time” project. I feel pretty good about what I’ve been able to accomplish in the amount of time spent. I think the software represents a strong, functional prototype, which is probably all you can expect from a single person in 1.5 work-weeks.

Burndowns for One-week SprintsSince my one-week sprints were more successful than my two-week sprints, I thought I’d compare the burndown charts of the one-week sprints to see if any patterns emerged. The sprints had different amounts of work scoped, so I displayed the burndowns in terms of percent complete. No pattern jumps out at me, though. Each sprint seems pretty unique.

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